It has been an enormous pleasure to host this poetry group for women in my Derbyshire home for the last six years or so. It's population has changed very gradually over the years around a core, so the group remains intimate and the atmosphere vibrant and risk taking. Several members of the group have started to be published since the group began. Enquiries welcome to the email below.

The Living Line
Poetry Writing for women
Would you like to be in a small supportive and stimulating ongoing group of women writers?
Stimulation of reading work by contemporary women poets and hearing each other’s work.
Permission to write about whatever is important to us and turns us on as writers - finding authentic voices and exploring our lives in juicy new ways.
Practice in writing together and crafting our work to help it live on and off the page and engage an audience.
Sharing our work and constructive feedback.
Support to keep going and take risks.
If so please contact me, Cora Greenhill

 We meet in Grindleford at w/es every month or so - dates agreed in advance.   11.00-4pm
Cost per session £25 

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